As principals of Business Development Systems, Bob Brickley and Barbara Gardiner work both individually and/or as a team, engaging clients through their individual talents, collective development approaches and shared desire to foster healthy growth in clients and in the businesses they serve.

Ask Barbara Gardiner about her work with BDS client organizations and she'll tell you:

"My focus is on the people, I assess the organization as a whole; that is, the people, culture, systems and strategic issues that are critical to achieving both personal and organizational growth."

Barbara's customized practice addresses the need of employers to produce more with fewer employees for customers who demand more for less. Her specialty is the healthy development of leaders of high growth businesses and their teams, and she brings to her work a practical approach to problem solving which comes from the hands-on experience she gained leading a demanding sales organization for over 10 years and through her 10+ years of consulting work with clients and their firms.

Barbara’s clients tell her they most appreciate her unique genius of identifying the core issues for their organization and delivering direct feedback and insights while honoring the individual.  Her clients say this ability helps them to direct their energy and resources to the factors that really matter and will impact change.

The results of an engagement with Barbara can be assured to develop interpersonal skills, personal accountability, a new sense of focus, renewed energy for results orientation, and conflict resolution competence.  Her work focuses on the BDS motto of Growing Business by Growing People, and she firmly adheres to the idea that “The organization can never be something the people are not.”

Barbara attained a Bachelor of Science Degree from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA and an MBA in Finance from Rutgers University in Newark, NJ.  In addition she has received the designations of Certified Behavioral Analyst and Certified Personal Values Analyst from Target Training International for instrument interpretation. 

Ask Bob Brickley about the results of his work with BDS clients and he will reply:

"It’s actually pretty simple. I help people change. I help them move from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow."

A passionate mentor and developer of people, Bob believes that the success of a business depends primarily on the behaviors and values of its leaders and the impact the have on their business teams. Satisfied clients cite outcomes of an engagement with Bob as a clearer sense of purpose and direction, reduction of stress and tension within the business team, all contributing to significant increases in revenue and productivity. Bob provides a perceptive, compassionate, open approach to the issues and challenges facing business people today.

Bob Brickley brings to BDS over twenty years of successful leadership and management experience in the financial services industry. He received his BS in Economics from Trinity College in Hartford, CT. Prior to co-founding BDS he built three different sales and marketing organizations in three different US cities for an international financial service company.

Bob has been a contributing editor to numerous industry publications and has addressed numerous audiences in recent years on the concept of "Moving from Salesperson to CEO".


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