At BDS, we're committed to the success of your business through the growth of your people. Consider these outcomes of our unique process, and read what our clients have said:

You regain control of your business; it is no longer controlling you.
“I’m now leaving at 4:00 for a workout while my staff stays to finish up on work I used to think only I could do. I’ve really gained leverage from my employees.”

Your values are clear to your clients and your prospects.
“We were in competition with eight other firms, but we started our presentation with the core values of our firm and what they meant to us and our staff, and within the hour we were awarded the business.”

Accountabilities are defined and understood.
“It became clear as we worked on my ‘ideal job’ that I was involved in far too many areas. Staff now better handles most of those, and I know who to go to for just about any need and they know their responsibilities. I can count on things being done right the first time.”

Communications between you and your staff are clear.
“I never thought I’d look forward to meeting regularly with my partners and staff, but I’ve found the regularity of our meetings, with clear action items and accountabilities has made all the difference in our relationships. No more ‘bad news’ surprises.”

Your bottom line increases.
“Working on revenue centers has helped me make better decisions about new ideas and projects. I’ve actually started prioritizing projects based on metrics vs. just a gut feel. And I’ve become a lot better at saying no to projects that don’t match our goals.”

You minimize employee turnover.
“Using the BDS Hiring System has not only saved me from lots of frustration but hard dollars as well. It seems very basic that hiring should be more than just an interview, but I was always desperate to get some one on board. Now I’m getting the right people for the jobs we’ve outlined and it’s simplifying my business.”

You and your team enjoy a better relationship.
“I never appreciated the need for others to have some time to digest the information I threw at them. Our office relationships have improved dramatically, due largely to the exercises BDS put us through with the profile and value reports.”

Priorities are set for growth.
“We’re finally focused as a team on what’s really important. And it doesn’t change day to day but rather expands from our agreed upon core.”

Strategic alliances and outsourcing opportunities are realized.
I knew I needed to stop doing so many things in my business, but I just couldn’t get a handle on which to give up. And it was easy to just take that next one. Through the BDS metrics I was able to make a firm decision about where to outsource and strike up an alliance and where I should continue to focus for growth."


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