BDS offers a variety of services to its clients and employs a variety of services in order best to facilitate those services. Individualized attention, however, is the thread BDS weaves through it all, customizing each service to an individual client’s needs and providing unique solutions for specific organizational issues.

  • No packages
  • On-site in your business
  • Customized to your needs.

On-Site Consultative Services are provided for individual companies with one or more BDS principals at the company location for regular, often monthly, meetings.  This is the highest form of customized work, where the BDS principal not only assesses the situations and information presented by the company but is also able to see the individuals in action.  BDS typically works not only with the senior management team but also incorporates workshops and individualized coaching for all levels of employees within the organization.

Most often these on-site engagements are for a minimum of six months, but can last longer, dependent on the size of the organization and its individual needs.  Pricing for these engagements is specific to the work needed and agreed to prior to the engagement.

Workshops are generally 2 hour-1/2 day events focused on a single topic.  The workshop participants engage in both intellectual and experiential learning.  The BDS principals are all experienced speakers whose workshops are highly effective for both individual organizations and large groups of individuals. 

Workshops may involve use of some BDS products. Discounts are available for product sales for larger groups.

Group Seminars are multi-day seminars over an extended period of time (3-6 months) that involve 5-15 participants.  BDS specializes in the customization of seminars, so that the package is not "one size fits all" but rather individualized treatment for each seminar participant.  A popular topic for these seminars is Practice Development.  With groups of 10 or more there will be 2 BDS principals involved to maintain the integrity of the individualized focus.

The dates and times of the seminars are arranged in advance.  These are usually partially sponsored by a corporate entity for its distributors or key executives.  Prices vary based on the length and number of participants.  All materials are included in the price.

Individual Coaching.  The most individualized of the BDS processes.  The work is one-on-one via face to face and/or telephones for private consultations to stimulate personal growth.  Subject matter is determined by individual circumstances.  Privacy and confidentiality are of the highest concern.  This is deep personal work to help impact individual situations. 

A schedule is established early in the process for regular, ongoing work with specific goals and accountabilities from each encounter.

All services are priced individually.


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